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Justin J.

After 2 months I can now say, Professors Jared and Cliff are teeming with knowledge and information about their sport. They are more than willing to answer questions, even encouraging the asking most of the time. They, and the rest of the instruction team, also aren't afraid to point out mistakes and shortcomings (usually in a funny and witty manner). This make for an extremely productive environment to learn in. Constructive criticism along with the encouragement to be your best self seems to be at the core here. Joining No Coast BJJ has been on of the best decisions that I've made in a long time. Looking forward to learning and continuing the uphill battle! Thanks for your time Professor!

Collin S.

With my parents recently moving to Waukee and myself at their home visiting for winter break from school I wanted to find something to help me stay active over the holidays. From the first time I contacted No Coast BJJ to making me feel very welcome and taken care of during my first class, I realized No Coast is the place to learn jiu-jitsu. They worked with my short two-week time frame that I had in Waukee and made it possible for me to learn the basics of the sport. Having no previous martial arts experience, all the instructors took the time during each class to start from square one helping me build a solid foundation. In fact, I felt like I got a new instructor every time I went in for a work out; everyone there is extremely friendly and helpful! Every person I met asked me my name and made me feel respected even as a complete beginner. This quality and atmosphere is something unique to No Coast as it shows their focus on you as an individual to help you learn and be the best you can be. It’s too bad I have to go back to school and can no longer attend classes at No Coast, but thanks to them I now have a solid foundation of BJJ from which I can build upon.

Thank you for taking the time to make me feel so welcome, see you Saturday for my last class! I highly recommend this place for anyone interested!

David H.

I was very impressed with the instructors at No Coast during the kids jiujitsu class. They are great at attention to detail but also great at knowing when the kids just need to roll for a while and figure things out themselves. We live out of town but will be visiting No Coast every time we visit family in the Des Moines area!

My T.

No Coast gym is hands down the best gym to train bjj in Des Moines. Both my husband and I train at this gym for several months and we love it! No Coast is the only place you can train bjj almost everyday, perfect for people like us who've made bjj part of our life. Owners Jared and Angela have worked so hard to create a family friendly gym for people of all skill levels. The instructors Cliff and Jared are friendly and knowledgeable. And Ladies, if you want to get fit or learn self-defense in a safe, fun, and non-judgemental environment, No Coast is a place for you. They have a fantastic only women class taught by a highly skilled lady (Angela). Nowhere can you find a place with a more supportive and positive community of women than in this class. You'll build confidence, kick some butts, and make lifelong friends in the process.

Steve R.

This is a fantastic gym! I dropped in for classes while traveling for work and I would absolutely be a member if I lived in the area. Jared Bahr and Cliff Harris are great professors. They have really built a great team family atmosphere that is extremely welcoming new new members and people just visiting for a few classes - I was shocked at how many classmates stopped to talk to me after class and how well some of them knew each other. I highly recommend this gym if you're in the Des Moines area!

Travis N.

This school has been highly involved in competitions and I'm very proud to know these people! It's always an honor to train with the instructors here. Very helpful on any all questions one has during technique. Not to mention they make everybody feel welcome! Oh yeah they are also a CSW school under Erik Paulson

Tom M.

My kids are finishing their first week at No Coast BJJ and I can't say enough good things about it! Cliff Harris does an awesome job with the kids. I'm honestly surprised they have enjoyed it as much as they have so far, but I hope that means they will stick with it. I definitely recommend having your kids try it. You owe it to your kids to give them the tools to protect themselves.

I also finished my first week in the Essentials class. Instructors, staff and other classmates were all very welcoming, patient and eager to help out. I'm really glad we found No Coast BJJ, and I expect us to be here for a long time!

Steve R.

I dropped in for two classes while traveling for work and loved the gym and people here! If I lived in the area I would absolutely be a member. Jared Bahr and Cliff Harris are both great instructors with fantastic technique and really went out of their way to make me and a new member feel welcome. The grapplers here are genuinely great people and they really seemed more like a family than a group of people who train together - several of them made friendly small talk with me and thanked me for coming. I highly recommend this gym! (extra shout out to Cliff for helping me improve my bow & arrow technique!)

J.C. L.

My son wanted to take Jiu Jitsu classes after my older nephew began them in another city. No Coast was recommended by another parent. He said the kids classes were organized and fun. He was definitely right and I am proud to tell everyone what my son is doing. They also incorporate life lessons, setting goals, leadership, sportsmanship, and friendship. All this in 45min class!

Recently they started the Women's Only class, which I am taking with my older daughter. We are having fun, working out, and learning something new. I feel better about her growing up and doing things on her own, knowing that she has skills to defend herself. I would have never joined the regular coed Jiu Jitsu class, but being with all these tough women, I never want to miss a class.

Kristina C.

I joined the Women's Class on Sundays about 5 weeks ago as a complete beginner and now I'm addicted. Angela and Tara make learning the techniques super fun and create a very friendly and relaxed atmosphere. I have never liked going to the gym or going for a run, but learning BJJ from these passionate ladies is more like learning awesome skills while coincidentally working out at the same time.

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