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  • Holiday Schedule

    Christmas eve: no evening classes Christmas day: no classes New Years Eve: No evening classes New Years Day: Noon time Costume Rolling For costume rolling wear a funny costume. Please limit zippers and metal objects and prepare for the costume to be Destroyed It's a ton of fun! ....

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  • Muay Thai

    Interested in learning a striking art? Coach Angela's schedule has opened up and she is now offering small group and private lessons in Muay Thai and Traditional Boxing. Angela has fought over 30 times all over the world from the United States to Bosnia to Thailand. She has trained under the head of the Thai national Thai Boxing team. Angela offers a wealth of experience. If you are interested be sure to reach out via the website here or inquire at the front desk to check her availability. ....

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  • New Hours

    Hey guys new hours for our 6:10 adult classes. We are lengthening the class by 15 minutes so the class will go from 6:10-7:25 Monday through Thursday. Second class will be from 7:30-8:30 Thanks! ....

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  • Moving Day!

    If you have been in class lately, you might have noticed that classes are getting full. So much so that we have the need to move! We will be moving to 2635 NW 86th Street, Urbandale, IA 50322
    . The tentative moving date is the weekend of December 2nd with opening day tentatively Dec 4th
    . The staff at No Coast thinks that this will best serve not only our current student body but also West/Central Des Moines very well. We will have interstate access within two miles from the North, South and West. Personally I cant thank you all enough for your attendance and support. See you all soon! ....

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  • Panda Cub Jiu Jitsu

    One of our adult students has graciously offered to sponsor 2 Panda Cub Jiu Jitsu memberships at No Coast BJJ. We will be taking nominations for 2 children (between 6 yrs and 12 yrs). Each will receive 6 months of tuition, a uniform and registration package! Elmir Karajica, generously offered this because when he immigrated to the United States years ago, many people helped him and now he wants to provide opportunities for others. Please nominate one child, with the need and the dedication to benefit from of this kind offering.Write up a quick little paragraph about the deserving youngsters situation. Nominations can be made to ....

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  • Women's Only Class!

    We are super excited to be offering a Womens Only Brazilian Jiu Jitsu class! Check out the link below from one of our Ladies instructiors ....

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  • Erik Paulson Seminar

    No Coasters, I can not thank all of you enough for supporting and considering No Coast Brazilian Jiu Jitsu this year! We have had a ton of success and fun. The team is growing and every night is incredibly rewarding for me. On February 6th we are having the head of our CSW organization, Erik Paulson, come out for a 3 hour seminar. Sensei Erik is an incredible encyclopedia of combatives and a great person to learn from. Please consider attending this seminar. If you are interested in signing up here is a link you can sign up online. join/2461-no-coast-brazilian- jiu-jitsu/2 If you would prefer otherwise please give me ....

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  • Holiday Classes

    No Coast's holiday schedule looks like this guys. Around here we love our Jiu Jitsu so much we will be open with special classes over the holidays! We know a lot of people travel so if you are coming to town and want to get in a quality roll over the next few weeks here is the place to be! Christmas Eve we will have a special class at 3:00 pm Christmas Day we will have a class at 5:00 pm New Year's Eve we have a 3:00 pm class New Year's Day we have a 5:00 pm class The team here at No Coast wishes everyone happy and safe holidays and family time this year. Now come on down and get some rolls in! ....

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  • Being a Martial Artist

    Learning a Martial Art is a great way to get in shape. Its also a great way to learn to defend yourself. These external benefits are great but lets get down to the real benefits of learning Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at No Coast BJJ. BJJ teaches us composure, honesty, grace, and humility. I would like to go over each of these items. To give examples of how our Jiu Jitsu helps us grow as individuals, family members, employees and managers in the world today. Composure, lets be honest, life is full of stress. Bills to pay, kids to raise, pressure from work and many other situations cause stress in our lives. In practicing our BJJ we learn there is always a creative solution to a problem. It is ....

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