Learning a Martial Art is a great way to get in shape.  Its also a great way to learn to defend yourself.  These external benefits are great but lets get down to the real benefits of learning Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at No Coast BJJ.

BJJ teaches us composure, honesty, grace, and humility.  I would like to go over each of these items.  To give examples of how our Jiu Jitsu helps us grow as individuals, family members, employees and managers in the world today.

Composure,  lets be honest, life is full of stress.  Bills to pay, kids to raise, pressure from work and many other situations cause stress in our lives.  In practicing our BJJ we learn there is always a creative solution to a problem.  It is also very hard to think about your mortgage when someone is trying to submit you.

Honesty,  there is a quote by a famous BJJ competitor, Saulo Ribeiro, "Jiu Jitsu at the end of the day, is the art of expressing yourself honestly. Every time you put on a gi you can' lie."  This honesty is not just about truthfulness with each other, but more importantly honesty with ourselves.  We cannot delude ourselves when we train.  we learn exactly where we stand physically, mentally and spiritually.

Grace is a subject rarely discussed in society these days.  Winning and losing with grace is an incredible talent and skill.  No one wants to train with the guy that throws a fit every time he is bested, and probably more so no one wants to train with a guy that celebrate beating one of his "teammates".  Our jiu jitsu teaches us this grace during every practice.

Humility.  It is often said of jiu jitsu that you need to check your ego at the door.  While this is admirable it is nearly impossible.  The beautiful thing about jiu jitsu is that we are all constantly humbled.  There is always someone that can out maneuver, out think, or out work us.  The goal is to always try and move forward with humility.

Our Jiu Jitsu can help us grow in countless ways.  These are just a few

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