Panda Cub Jiu Jitsu

One of our adult students has graciously offered to sponsor 2 Panda Cub Jiu Jitsu memberships at No Coast BJJ.  We will be taking nominations for 2 children (between 6 yrs and 12 yrs). Each will receive 6 months of tuition, a uniform and registration package! 

Elmir Karajica, generously offered this because when he immigrated to the United States years ago, many people helped him and now he wants to provide opportunities for others. 

Please nominate one child, with the need and the dedication to benefit from of this kind offering. Write up a quick little paragraph about the deserving youngsters situation.   Nominations can be made to or by messaging the No Coast BJJ Facebook Page.  The deadline for nominations is Sunday June 26th.  

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