Angela Bahr

Angela started her martial arts journey in 2007. She was introduced to boxing by a friend from work. This started as a way to learn to help her patients(professionally she is a Physical Therapist , specializing in Brain Injury Rehabilitation). It quickly became a new way to improve herself and led to sparring, sparring, and fighting in some amateur boxing fights.

When she moved back to the midwest in 2010, she was lucky enough to walk into Pete Peterson's Muay Thai gym. The transition American Boxing to Muay Thai was difficult. Even though she fell in love with boxing, Muay Thai stole her heart.  her first Mauy Thai fight was in 2012.

In the transition to Mauy Thai, Angela found the clinch to be particularly difficult to learn and deal with. Because of this difficulty, she began training BJJ in 2012.  These two arts have complemented each other greatly.  

The competition in Muay Thai has led her to compete in Thailand, Bosnia, Abu Dhabi and throughout the United States. She was fought in the WAKO Kickboxing World Championships in 2019.  She has earned Gold medals at 2 WMO Muay Boran tournaments, several regional belts in the US, the 2021 TBA Classic A-Class Belt, Gold at the 2022 USMF World games Qualifier, and Silver at the 2022 IFMA World Championships.  She was part of the 2022 US Muay Thai Olympic Team participating int he World Games.

Her BJJ competitions have been infrequent, but she trains for these in hopes of future matches(there have not been many opportunities, YET!)  She was awarded her Black Belt in BJJ in 2022 from Erik Paulson.

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